Google search results in a mess


Recent changes to how Google rate websites, at least in the industry I am involved in is throwing up some strange and if it was not so important to my business rather amusing results.

For the search term Spanish Mortgages at the top of the rankings is Halifax. Halifax Spain is now in fact Lloyds and the page that ranks as number 1 for the consumer is in fact just a general information page left on the main UK Halifax web site. The main Lloyds Spain website which has all their Spanish offerings including an email address  is not ranking on page 1 even though it is in fact the more up to date and relevant of their web pages .

If the client finding Halifax at number 1 wants to make a further enquiry they must call the number given and either leave a message or call a Spanish Number. They cannot fill in an enquiry form or us email communication.
Lloyds Spain who the customer may finally get to are currently one of the most uncompetitive lenders for Spanish Mortgages in terms of rates.

Lloyds are managing their rates to keep applications to a minimum as their strategy is to limit Spanish lending at this present point and focus more on solely lending for the sale of their own stock.

They have not withdrawn from the market but have little appetite for any other loans in Spain at this present time. It is therefore a little perverse for them that they are ranking for the first time ever at number 1 when they do not want volume It is even more perverse that this is with a page that is in fact the old page which holds no information about their own portfolio and what they could do by way of loans if someone was to buy a property from them.

Not sure how relevant for the consumer this all is if they have gone searching for a competitive mortgage from a lender who wants to lend and has found an independent property.

Also within the top ten on page 1 is the Woolwich. This page sends clients wanting a Spanish Loan to the Barclays Spain site. When you finally get to relevant information relating to products you are given the product information as it relates to tax residents of Spain not non- resident holiday home buyers. Given the search will have come from a UK address being given details of a deal you cannot access is then both a waste of time and misleading.

Other sites now ranking are either out of date, information only but not transaction or are pages optimizing the search term but in pace solely to sell advertising space to other businesses in the Spanish Market. One site ranking on page one in this group on the contact us box actually says the following.

“Contact Us
If you have a query please complete the form below. Whilst we read every submission we cannot guarantee a reply”

It would seem the most relevant sites developed over a number of years who do in fact provide sound and experienced advice, allow for transaction and actually provide what a client is looking for under the search term they have inputted now no longer rank.

Sorry Google I think you have got the rankings system all wrong, have forgotten that you are as big as you are because you always produced the most relevant sites to search terms and helped customers find effective solutions. If across all industries as with mine you are now not doing this the long term loser will be you but you will have destroyed a number of good businesses on the way down.

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