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Latest News for Mortgages in Spain

  • The 12 month Euribor for Mortgages in Spain, decreased slightly, in May 2004. The 12 month Euribor for revisions and completions in May 2024 is 3.703%. In April it was 3.718 therefore the decrease is negligible . 
  • Spanish Bank starts to offer fixed rates for certain nationalities. Plus currency mortgages.

  • Andalucia region retains purchase tax discounts indefinitely  

  •  The 12 month Euribor for May 2024 is 3.703%.  This is a small decrease against April 2024. Suggesting the market believes rates have peaked. The Bank of Spain published Euribor issued for May 2024. This is the level that will be used for annual reviews and completions within the month

  •  New regulation for Spanish Banks implemented June 16th 2019 in Spain. Read about the key changes.

No cost or obligation Spanish Mortgage information and approvals in principle

  • Spanish Banks  best buys . Variable rates from 1.5%  above Euribor. Full term Fixed rate products available from 3.25%. 
      • 12 month Euribor rate for revisions of mortgages in Spain is plus 3.703% in May 2024.

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Why choose IMS for mortgages in Spain

IMS has been operating in Spain since 2002. Helping clients obtain a Mortgage in Spain. We have successfully placed over half a billion Euros of lending for loans in Spain. This therefore makes us one of the most experienced and specialised providers for Spanish mortgages. Our experience means we are able to gain special conditions from Spanish Banks for our clients.

Spanish mortgage information centre our services

Budget analysis and Bank recommendation – We can help you understand what you can borrow from a Spanish Bank . What you can borrow impacts on the purchase price you can pay.

Spanish Mortgage applications –  Professionally packaged applications. Services undertaken within current regulatory guidelines. Your application will be managed by a qualified professional. You can therefore be sure of the best possible chance of success for a Mortgage in Spain. Let us obtain the most cost effective terms and conditions. Also highest loan to values for you in Spain.

Resolution of previously rejected applications – We may be able to help if you have previously been rejected for a mortgage in Spain. Let us assist you if you have been waiting an unreasonable time for an answer from a Bank. We are able to search the market on your behalf. Therefore if you are unhappy with the terms of a direct application you have made we can look to improve this. We will search the rest of the market to gain a successful outcome. Above all in the quickest possible times.

Understanding your Mortgage in Spain and the link to the purchase process

With many years of experience in the Spanish lending loan market, we always inform and guide you on the mortgage process. Firstly our aim is to help you find the best buys and most suitable loan in Spain possible. Most importantly we will use our experience to ensure you are protected throughout the application process . Consequently when working with us regulated services are provided at all times. We will therefore ensure all our providers are of the highest possible quality. In conclusion, from initial guidance through to completion, our service ensures your best interests are protected.

When working with us you can be sure you will be kept informed at all times. Regular updates are automatically provided. When it is safe to pass over deposit monies we will advise you. Moreover our team are used to working efficiently and effectively with all linked parties. You can therefore secure the house of your dreams with safety and security. Everything you need to know is explained in detail. Finally all information will be provided in a clear and concise manner.

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