Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange for a purchase in Spain

Achieve the best possible exchange rate when buying and arranging mortgages in Spain. Deposits for purchase. Also ongoing payments for a mortgage in Spain. Obtaining best rates can make a significant difference to the overall cost. Currency exchange is not just necessary for the initial purchase but is also an ongoing requirement. Because funds will need to be moved to Spain on a regular basis to pay a mortgage in Spain. Firstly to pay your Spanish Mortgage . Secondly to cover  normal running costs of a property in Spain.

What are the various options available when changing up money to Euros

When buying even with a mortgage in Spain some funds will need changing up to euros. The two key options when changing up money are to transfer funds from your personal current account to your Spanish Bank account  Either using the Banks exchange rates, or use a specialized currency exchange company.

Using a Bank to move currency

Banks will provide a service where you can move lump sums. In addition regular amounts of cash from your currency to Euros. In general the Banks exchange rates are expensive, and no advice on market trends will be given.

Using an exchange company to move currency

Foreign exchange companies specialize in moving money. Each Company forward buys currency. Has specialists who are constantly reviewing the market. Therefore can offer daily spot rates, fixed rates for a set term and advice on when to buy.

Should you shop around

The difference between what one company can offer as an exchange rate to another can vary on a daily basis. Whilst it might not be practical to try and contact every currency exchange company in existence it is always a good idea firstly, to use a specialized company rather than the Banks, and secondly to be registered with more than one FX Company so you can gain more than one quote for your requirements.

Currency  providers

IMS in line with company ethics offer access to trusted FX companies. Who will endeavour at all times to offer the most competitive rates. Provide full information and guidance and work with you to decide timings of buying currency.  For instance whether in your circumstances, it is better to forward buy or take spot rates.

Is my money safe

In the past there have been stories of people who used FX companies and have lost their money.

A provider should be FSA and HMRC registered. This means your funds are safe at all times. The funds are not held by the company itself but placed into client accounts within Banks.

For further information and access to a foreign exchange provider contact us today.