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It is not true for instance that the minimum loan size in Spain is € 150k, despite what some sites may say.

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Spanish Banks drop margins to increase completions best buy variable rates from 1.7%. above Euribor. Fixed rate availability continues to increase.

12 month Euribor rate for revisions and completions in November is 0.128% down from October and the lowest level since inception of the Euro. Whilst the downward movement is small it is another indication that rates look to remain very stable for the immediate future.

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IMS has operated in Spain since 2002 and has successfully completed on over half a billion Euros in lending on mortgages in Spain making us one of the most experienced and specialised mortgage advice companies in Spain. We can negotiate special terms for certain clients not available direct from the Banks.

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Budget analysis and Bank recommendation – We will help you understand what you can borrow from a Spanish Bank and what impact this has on the purchase price you can pay. Submission and management of Spanish Mortgage applications for independent purchases – We will professionally package your application to give it the best possible chance of being approved for the best possible terms and conditions and highest loan to values. Resolution of previously rejected applications – If you have been rejected for a mortgage, have been waiting forever for an answer from the Bank or the direct application you have made has not reflected the initial terms you had outlined, let us help gain a successful outcome with another lender in the quickest possible time.

Understanding your mortgage and the link to the purchase process

With many years of experience in the mortgage and purchase market we can help and advise you throughout the whole process.- Our key aim is to find you the best buys and most suitable mortgage possible in your circumstance and to protect you and your personal monies throughout the application process through to completion. We will keep you informed as to when it is safe to pass over deposit monies and will work efficiently and effectively with all linked parties to ensure the house of your dreams is secured but in a safe manner with minimum risk. We will alert you to any possible infractions highlighted by the Banks valuation report relating to the property even if those infractions are small by nature and of little consequence. We will explain everything both verbally and in writing in clear and concise English.


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