Spanish lending beginning of last quarter

Lending in Spain October data Spanish lending beginning of last quarter was relatively stable. In total 41.022 new Mortgages in Spain were registered at land registry. The data provided by the NIE relates to registered loans. Completions in October will not filter through to this data for a few weeks. The level of new Spanish Mortgages […]


Spanish Mortgage completions

Mortgages in Spain were still completing at low levels of interest in September. This will not be sustained. It is now a challenge to decide whether to opt for a fixed rate or variable rate product. Fixed rates are less flexible in the future as rates decrease.


Spanish mortgage sizes drop

Spanish Mortgage latest data Spanish mortgage sizes drop in July. Moving to 146.4k from 147.5k Whilst only a marginal decrease it remains to be seen if the trend continues. Down on June the level was up from 139.2k for same month of last year. Numbers of new loans in Spain In terms of numbers of […]


Spanish lending Data May 2022

In the Month of May the Spanish mortgage market saw an increase in. This was both in numbers of loans and average loan size. May will be the last month with lower interest rates. ECB increased base rate in July and the 12 month Euribor has been steadily rising.


Spanish Mortgages figures for April

Mortgages in Spain saw a drop against March. Whilst loan figures to date are up on last year, month on month there is a slowdown. Interest rates in Spain are rising. UK based Spanish borrowers are diminishing. Economic pressures are affecting the lending market in Spain.


Mortgages in Spain January 2022

Home loans in Spain in January whilst up on December are at a lower percentage than most years. Pressure on borrowing in Spain for non residents from Brexit and war in Ukraine. Interest rates remain low but Spanish Mortgage rates likely to rise due to inflationary pressures. Fixed rate loans increase their market share.