Spanish Mortgage Brokers

When arranging a mortgage in Spain you can access two different types of Mortgage brokers. Spanish Banks do not generally have set products for a Spanish Mortgage. They adapt their offering for each client. Only one type of mortgage broker in Spain is authorised to process and negotiate an application on your behalf. The other type may only make an introduction to one specific Bank.


Golden Visa Scheme Spain

The golden visa scheme in Spain is due to be withdrawn. Will this affect the Spanish mortgage market and sales. Mortgages in Spain fall in first month of 2023 against previous year. The 12 month Euribor has increased for home loans in Spain. Average interest rates remain stable in Spain.


Spanish lending Dec 2023 and YTD

Spanish lending Dec 2023 and YTD. Mortgages in Spain. saw a year of decreases. Due to high interest rates and economic instability. Published data however shows that the numbers are up on pre covid levels. Spanish mortgage activity in the year saw decreases less than the increases of 2022 and 2021. Fixed rate popularity is diminshing slightly. However still remains the favoured choice of borrowers in Spain.


Residential lending in Spain 2023

Spanish residential home loans for residents and non residents remains at lower levels than 2022. Interest rates for a mortgage in Spain are stabilising. Fixed rates remain at competitive levels. Residential lending makes up 70% of all new credit in October. Loan sizes and capital lent fall year on year.


Mortgage completions Spain 2024

Mortgage completions Spain are behind last year by a significant amount. This is due to a number of factors. Lack of buyers. World economic factors. Visa requirements for UK nationals. France and Spain considering making Visa requirements easier and for longer. Interest rates Spain looking to fall in 2024.


Mortgage Lending tightens in Spain

Lending in Spain dropped in June. Spanish Banks are adapting margins above Euribor to encourage borrowing. However lending criteria continue to tighten. The 12 month Euribor remains high but dropped in September. Due to the base rate possibly increasing this may change next month.


Spanish mortgage lenders

May 2023 Mortgage completions in Spain Spanish mortgage lenders saw Mays mortgage completion levels Spain upturn over April. The month on month increase was lower than that of last year. The average loan size increased significantly for the month. The average Spanish mortgage was € 141.8k. In comparison to 136.9k the previous month. However this […]