March mortgage data in Spain.

  Spanish mortgages grow in March Data issued this month by both the Notary offices who take there figures from signed loans and the INE who take their figures from registered loans both showed an increase in home lending in Spain for the month. Year on year the number of loans for the purchase of […]


Number of Spanish loans drop in February

February registered lending data Spanish lending in February saw a drop from January in terms of numbers of loans made for the purpose of buying a home but an increase of capital lent due to a higher average loan size. The average loan amount rose by 2.7% from January of 2017 and by 7.1% over […]


Positive start in 2017 for loans in Spain

First month for 2017 lending data. Beginning of the year for Mortgages in Spain started positively according to the land registry data published by the INE a few days ago. For loans taken to buy a house the numbers of new credits totaled 27.240 up by 16.9% on January of 2016. The average loan amount […]


2016 overview mortgage market in Spain

Month of December December figures for the banks in Spain bring to a close the performance of loans in Spain for the year of 2016. December itself showed a drop in completed loans from November but an increase on the same month of the previous year. Total number of Spanish mortgages for buying of homes, […]


Loans in Spain increase year on year

INE lending data for November Mortgage lending for the month of November issued in January by the INE show that lending for the purpose of buying a home was up by 32.2% on the same month of the previous year. The level of Capital lent increased on 2015 by over 34% and the average loan […]


Spanish lending news and views for 2017

Background for 2016 2016 proved to be a rather indifferent year in terms of Mortgages in Spain with little changing for applicants on terms of criteria from the previous year. The year however saw a number of changes in particular for Banks in Spain some of which may have an impact on the market in 2017. First […]


October Mortgage completions in Spain

  Monthly loan data The month of October according to the land registry showed a large dip in Spanish house loans made, and capital lent, against the month of September. This was however against a very buoyant market in the previous month. Annually when assessing the numbers against the same month of the previous year […]


2016 Spanish loan overview

The year so far As 2016 draws to a close the Spanish Banks will be looking at a year of missed targets. Whilst none of the Banks will have reached the new loan levels they were looking at for the beginning of the year this has not relaxed criteria or seen competition rising to get […]


News for home loans in Spain

September mortgages in Spain Septembers completion of new home loans in Spain showed a marked increase to August levels. August in turn was improvement on July. In total 26.667 new mortgages in Spain were constituted in the month according to land registry. This was increase on last months figure of 20.609 and was 10% up […]


Spanish loans monthly update

Mortgage legislation changes in Spain This month saw new regulations relating to a cooling off period for buyers contracting a mortgage in Spain where the signing is in Andalucia. The legislation changes which are only for loan signings made within the Andalucia region will lengthen the time it takes to get to completion. Also if […]