Mortgages in UK To Reflect Mortgages in Spain

For many years the banks in Spain have worked off affordability ratios rather than multipliers of gross incomes. The FSA in the UK who are looking at changes to be implemented this year after the credit crisis of 2008 and 2009 are looking like they will insist in future lenders in UK work on affordability […]


The Spanish Economy as Seen by the Little People

I am no high flying economist but recent days has seen much activity with the UK press about Spain and the Spanish Economy. Thank god someone is finally asking some questions It is interesting that, until recently, little has been done by the Spanish Press. Unlike UK press Spanish newspapers rarely go on crusades or […]


Low Rate Spanish Mortgages -Update

Further to my article on yen mortgages supplied by Dominion credit I have received 2 further communication inputs from clients who have applied for a mortgage via Low Rate Spanish Mortgages. Over the Christmas period Low Rate Spanish Mortgages pulled back their pay for click and paid for link activity but are back with a […]