Current situation for re-mortgages in Spain

Re-mortgages in Spain In the last few years since the crisis in Spain the Banks have withdrawn from offering re-mortgages in any form. The reason for this was driven by the fact with numerous defaults themselves the lenders did not want to take over other lenders loans that might also go into default. What are […]


Mortgages in Spain post Brexit news

Spanish Loans Many loan applicants who are either considering making an application for a mortgage in Spain or are currently applying may be wondering what impact the Brexit vote has had. At present none of the Spanish Banks have specifically changed their standard terms and conditions and the chances that officially they will do that […]


Spanish loans for expats

 Expats Many expats living abroad who are UK passport holders or come from other countries  may be wondering what will happen to them post Brexit should they choose not to return at some point to the UK, or do not earn their incomes in the currency in which they need the loan. Banks in Ireland […]