Lending news in Spain is a mixed bad in February.

Mortgage data issued today showed a mixed bag of results. Whilst the number of Spanish loans and capital lent for homes appears to be gathering momentum, total lending showed a decrease year on year.With capital being lent for the purchase of residential dwellings up annually by 37.1% the drop of 0.6% of total capital lent […]


The problem with Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks and their approach to transparency Over the years of arranging mortgages in Spain one develops an understanding of the behaviors of each Bank offering mortgages and the efficiency of their processes. Some Spanish Banks offer good headline rates and make it difficult to justify not recommending them but good rates are only part of the […]


The changing face of non resident lending in Spain.

Spanish lending whats new Last week saw the launch of Hola Bank a division of Caixa bank set up to meet the needs of overseas clients. Branches in the Spanish coastal areas and Barcelona have been selected to be rebranded as Hola. The mission of the new network is to capture 25% of the nonresident mortgage […]