La Caixa Downgraded By Rating Agencies

La Caixa who will be one of the first Caja’s to list themselves has been downgraded by the rating agencies. The rating agency sights new liquidity requirements being implemented this year, rising defaults and cost of funds which squeeze margins as the core reasons for this downgrade. La Caixa unlike some of its same size […]


Spanish Mortgages Floor Mortgage Rates

It is reported this week that a court is looking into the practices of Spanish banks including floor rates to which a rate cannot drop below in their mortgage deeds. This practice has caught out many non-residents in the past who have been unaware of this restriction placed in their mortgage deed. The inclusion of […]


Santander Spanish Mortgage Changes

Have you had Spanish mortgage offer changed by Santander? Need an alternative Spanish mortgage due to Santander’s product changes? From having one of the best mortgage products on the market in the last two weeks Santander have changed policy and now have the worst offering. Santander have moved from 80% loan to value to 50% […]