News Spanish mortgage lending 2013

The Spanish national statistics office issued yesterday the loan data for November 2013. Overview of the figures showed another month of declines The data showed yet another drop in the amount of Spanish mortgages granted for dwellings and yet another month of net outflows and a reduction in overall mortgage book held across the banking industry. […]


Is there a wind of change for mortgages in Spain

Background on activity at the end of 2013 Back in late 2013 we started to hear rumbles from a number of the Spanish Banks that suggested there was a focus back on providing mortgages for buyers in Spain. Whilst Spanish Banks never completely withdrew from the lending game no Banks had mortgage targets, criteria’s were made […]


Spanish Mortgages whats new for 2014

Spanish Mortgages what next for 2014 2013 was one of the worst years for mortgages in Spain since the crisis began.Mortgages granted hit an all time low and the net mortgage book of lenders contracted during the year. Margins above Euribor increased significantly and a few lenders withdrew from lending completely.Lenders retracted back to providing […]