Spanish loans monthly update

Mortgage legislation changes in Spain This month saw new regulations relating to a cooling off period for buyers contracting a mortgage in Spain where the signing is in Andalucia. The legislation changes which are only for loan signings made within the Andalucia region will lengthen the time it takes to get to completion. Also if […]


Sterling falls affect buyers in Spain

Who is affected by the drop in Sterling The drop in Sterling since the Brexit vote to leave the EU, and the large decline seen last week after the Conservative party conference will affect those looking to buy abroad. Buyers in Spain committed to a purchase already who have passed the point of Private Purchase […]


Spanish Loans decrease year on year

Spanish Banks experience a fall in new Mortgages After many months of consistent year on year increases Julys mortgage data show both numbers of and capital lent falling back in July. The two reporting agencies the Notary offices and the INE in Spain both showed a retraction of mortgages in Spain for the month of […]