The Reality of Obtaining Mortgages In Spain (March 09)

Buying activity appears to be increasing, as property bargains become a real reality in Spain. Apartments previously marketed at knocking € 200k can now be picked up regularly for € 100k  making the dream of having a Spanish holiday home more achievable even in today’s troubled times. The 12 Month Euribor, which most banks use […]


Spanish Banks and Spanish Mortgage Availability

Whilst the banks in Spain’s treasury and investment arms were not actively involved in the sub-prime market, they have not managed to stay completely without issues. Falling pound and high interest rates which many people are still tied into until their next annual review has meant the delinquency rate on their existing mortgage books has […]


Latest Spanish Mortgage News

Spanish Mortgage Product Last week saw another two Banks lower loan to values for non residents and tighten risk criteria’s. Nat West Gibraltar having already lowered loan to values last year from 70% to 60% moved to a maximum of 50% and withdrew its two year discount product. Bankinter who have previously been very active […]