Polaris World Go Bust!


Polaris World have announced they are seeking to go into receivership.

How exactly this will affect those purchasers, whose properties have no yet been built is as yet unknown.

Each phase was funded by a different bank the key banks being

  • Bancaja
  • CAM
  • Caja Murcia
  • Banco Popular

Whilst all these banks will have provided Bank Guarantees protecting clients deposit monies most phases have now fallen outside the agreed dates for evoking the guarantee so clients may have to fight through the courts to get their money back, be offered a suitable alternative or have unit finally finished by another buyer of the whole development or phase.

If the clients lawyer did not inform the client at the point the delay on build had met bank guarantee rules, the bank guarantee may now be null and void. Any clients affected should immediately contact their lawyer to discuss their particular situation. If the bank guarantee has lapsed, changing lawyer and speaking to a lawyer from who is independent may be the most appropriate solution. There are already a few lawyers looking at class action to reduce court costs to individuals and a meeting is taking place next week W/C 18/01/10 to clarify exact situation and what action can be taken by those affected.

For clients who have already completed without golf course, hotels or facilities being in place it could be a long time before these are now developed if ever.

The Polaris developments which were dreamt up in much happier times and supposed to provide self-contained holiday villages at affordable prices will sadly have turned into a nightmare for many UK clients.

Over time these issues will be resolved and one day hopefully the Polaris vision will finally live up to its expectations. For investors it could however be a long haul.

If independent legal advice is required contact heather@imsmortages.com outlining which development phase was bought and current situation along with your full contact details. Your enquiry will be passed to a lawyer already taking action on behalf of other clients.

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