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This week further to my comments on Low Rate Spanish Mortgages and Dominion Credit, I received a correspondence from a client who has had experience of dealing with them. It would appear my concerns about their Spanish Lending facilities have some validity and there remain many unanswered questions about these two companies.

The comments from Clive Ballard are posted below.

As you say, Dominion Credit and Finance website is new, The name was only registered Jan/Feb 2009. Low Rate Spanish Mortgages were advertising the Yen mortgages in Oct 2008. The DC&F website, like the LRSM website is not very professional for the nature of what it is supposed to sell, and the office in Singapore is not an office but only a phone answering service. Like yourself I could not find any references to Henry Braithwaite in the banking world. I phoned/e-mailed him on a number of occasions in March 2009 requesting information on agents, other than LRSM for these mortgages.
I got no responce to the messages left.
Since DC&F were not contactable, and had no website until Jan 2009, I wonder how LRSM were able to offer their mortgages in Oct 2008, and purchased the domain name in May 2008.

Low Rate Spanish Mortgages charge a non refundable, 500 € to apply for a Yen mortgage.
I applied for a mortgage from them in Jan 2009, when there office was in Valencier. Approximatly 6 weeks later when I chased the mortgage, they had apparently moved to Bilbao, though were working through a UK phone answering service. When they rang back, I was told the morgage was not granted, due to the financial situation, but if I liked to apply again in 3 months (and pay another 500€) the situation might have changed.
It seems to me that the only ones making money out of this, are “Low Rate Spanish Mortgages”, a 1/2 man run business who as well as running lotteries, also run a dating site under their other company name of Marverose S.L
They also have interests in an Estate Agents (wherepropertysells.com), though I think this may now, have closed.
N.B. The original UK company named Dominion Credit and Finance went bust in the 1990?ies.

I was also somewhat surprised when reading a web based article from the Guardian newspaper on GMAC fines in UK where the Guardian was doing plenty of back patting on how they raised the issue of GMAC unfairly treating clients in arrears to see a sponsored link at bottom of article from Low Rate Spanish Mortgages.

I have written to the Guardian asking how on one hand they can write an article criticising a bank for repossessing properties that are in arrears and at same time by default appear to  promote a company whose practices should cause concern.

I have as yet had no response. Perhaps dubious lending practices are only the Guardians concern if they are not earning any money out of it.

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