Spanish Mortgages For Expats


Due to the ongoing economic climate worldwide buying a high quality value for money property in Spain has become more achievable than a few years ago.

Many Expats working places like the Middle East or Africa see Spain as an ideal half way house for vacations and a final place to settle when current contracts or early retirement beckons.

It is easy to see why many people who have lived for years as Expats find it difficult to accept when returning to Western Europe cold and pricey UK and look for a more amenable alternative to return to.

Spain with its great climate, beaches, fantastic countryside and a more laid back way of life with all the amenities and infrastructure expected from a civilized country provides an ideal base.

Not too far away from family back in UK but different enough to make the move from United Arab Emirates or Africa not quite as stark as being thrown back into the UK way of living.

Because many Expats have long-term financial plans in place; often whilst timing for finding and buying that ideal Spanish home is excellent they may require in the shorter term funding to bring purchase decisions forward. Because most of the countries Expats work in are tax-free often Expats find banks in Spain difficult to work with or obtain lending from as they cannot provide the official documentation normally required.

IMS have many years experience in handling this type of application, know all the banks that will provide loans to Expats and have all the up to date information required to ensure the best possible overall terms tailored to meet the clients objectives are explained and sourced.

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