International Mortgage Solutions launches Spanish Mortgage information video


Obtaining information about Spanish Mortgages before making a commitment has in the past meant researching across a number of web pages, information sites and banks.

Often each provider of information was unable to give a full overview of all the considerations that a potential buyer should consider.

To help buyers understand fully in a one stop shop what they can expect and should consider when buying in Spain and requiring finance International Mortgage Solutions have produced and launched a clear, informative and accurate video which buyers can watch to quickly and easily ensure they have all the relevant information they need.

Unique in the market of Spanish Mortgages the video covers

  • Criteria’s applied by banks
  • General costs
  • General rate margins
  • What to expect from the loan and loan application process
  • How loans are legally secured in Spain
  • How to understand what you are signing for
  • What the implications are back in country of residency of taking a Spanish loan
  • Who IMS are and how they operate

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