Spanish mortgages recover in April

Residential loan activity in Spain for April April saw a bounce back in terms of mortgage in Spain levels in April for both levels above the previous month of March and against April of 2017. The average loan size rose by 9.1% over March and was up significantly from April of last year. Average loan […]


Lending targets missed in February

Spanish Mortgage targets missed February mortgage figures in Spain showed a drop on completions in January and a lower average loan amount culminating in less capital being lent. The data supports the anecdotal information coming from the Banks that lending targets in Spain were short of expectations in the first quarter. The average loan size in […]


Self Build lending in Spain

New construction loan is launched in Spain One of the lenders in Spain has recently launched a new construction or self build mortgage. As the recovery of the Spanish economy continues more and more buyers in Spain are looking at the option of buying land and building in Spain. Because the purchase of land slowed […]


Good news for Spanish home loans

January 2018 starts the year well for Mortgages in Spain. Home loan size averages rose back up from their low levels in December to € 122,000 after dipping down to € 115.6 the previous month. The number of new Spanish mortgages contracted for the purchase of a residence were also well up in the month. […]


Spanish year end overview on sales and lending

Mortgages in Spain and Property purchase data The end of February saw data published on both Decembers loan and purchase information in Spain along with an overview of the total year. For the month of December the sale of dwellings increased by 9.2% on the same month of the previous year and finished the year […]


Home loans in Spain are mixed bag in November

November Mortgages in Spain Data issued on the 30th January by the INE for Spanish loans saw a mixed bag of positive and negatives. Overall the amount of capital lent increased both year on year and month on month but the numbers of new Spanish loans contracted for the purchase of buying a home fell […]


Bridging Finance in Spain

Bridging Finance option Spain Bridging finance, equity release and re-finance in Spain has historically been very difficult to achieve and for non residents impossible. Providers where they did exist tended to be private investors offering very poor terms at very high risk to the borrower. From January this year a Pension fund owned company are […]


October mortgage statistics in Spain

October mortgage in Spain data October, as is the normally the case, was a quieter month for new loan completions in Spain. Against Septembers registrations the number of new loans was down 15.9%, the capital lent down 18% and the average loan amount dropping by 2.4%. The amount of new loans constituted was 24,706 and […]


2017 review of Spanish loan market

2017 overview 2017 is drawing to a close with a much better situation for mortgage lending in Spain and the Spanish Banks. All Spanish lenders had ambitious lending targets for the year and these have not been reached but in general across all key areas 2017 has been a much better year. Non resident mortgages […]