Non euro earners struggle getting Spanish loans

Number of Spanish lenders lending Mortgages to non residents decreases   The last few weeks have seen more Spanish Banks remove fixed rates as an option for a mortgage in Spain for applications where the applicant earns their incomes in a different currency to Euros. Whilst most lenders have stipulated currencies by which they will […]


Bank Lending in Spain

Bank of Spain quarterly survey The Bank of Spain has issued its quarterly report on Bank lending for Q4 2109. The data, some of which is open to question, is compiled not from statistics but from a questionnaire sent to participating lenders. Given the lenders may wish to politically skew some of their answers it […]


Lending in Spain improves in October

Spanish Lending figures in October Octobers Spanish loan figures showed an improvement on the dismal figures from last two months but remained depressed against October 2018. How much of this is still due to a backlog from the regulation change is difficult to tell but after 3 months in row of low numbers the year […]


Loan levels in Spain under pressure

Septembers loan data for Spain  released by INE. As was the same in August for Spanish mortgages the month of September was well down on the previous year as it would appear completions still get delayed post the new regulation and process for completion. Other indicators like level of loans redeemed tend to suggest it […]


New mortgages take hit in Spain

New Spanish loan regulation takes its toll on August completions Data published by the INE in Spain today outlined the impact of delays in completions caused by the new regulatory requirements implanted in June. The INE takes its data from Land Registry rather than the Notary offices so can cause a lead lag on information […]


Currency legislation affects Spanish Borrowing

What is the legislation and how does it affect borrowing in Spain One of the more negative outcomes of the regulation changes on Mortgages in Spain has been the interpretation of the legislation that allows borrowers to request a change of currency on their loan after completion if they don’t earn their income in Euros. […]


July Home loans up in Spain

  Current trends Normal trends in Spain are for Julys figures to be below June. This year the trend was reversed. This could be due to a number of delayed completions from June these being the Mortgages in Spain that fell foul of the new regulation requirements implemented mid June. The new regulations required changes […]