Spanish Mortgages take a hit August 2020

Spanish mortgage data for August 2020 shows a steep decline against 2018. Whilst the new loan numbers are not down significantly against the same month of last year 2019 was itself saw large decreases in due to the introduction of new regulation that delayed or reduced anticipated completions.


New refinance product for Spain

Equity release for Spanish property A UK fund via a Private Bank has recently launched a new lending product for the Spanish Market. The product has been set up to Fill a gap in the market not covered by Spanish Banks and with more flexibility than some of the Private Banking options already available in […]


Off plan purchases mortgage risk in Spain

Buying off plan. When buying off plan in Spain you are securing the right to buy at completion of the construction. The contract means that whilst you have the right to buy and will pay staged payments to the developer during the building phase as agreed you do not actually own the property or any […]


May 2020 Spanish Loan figures

May 2020 loan numbers down on last year Data issued this month for Mortgages in Spain for May showed a large decline against the same month of last year but small increases in the situation over April. The data is a little surprising given the lockdown situation during April which is what Mays figures are […]