Ubiquitous Mortgages

In an environment of very difficult lending it would appear Ubiquitous Mortgages are able to buck trend and completely outprice all the major banks in world. While other lenders have withdrawn from the European market with many French Banks closing the doors to international clients, Spanish Banks doing the same and many international lenders like […]


Spanish Markets In Turmoil!

This week has seen the markets in turmoil. The downgrading of a number of Spanish Banks, Spain itself and the previous weeks downgrading of a number of UK Banks who lend in Spain has seen a very quick increase in margins across the board. Even Banks like Barclays who missed the downgrades this time round […]


Santander say Spanish Mortgage Arrears Will Fall

In a recent statement the owners of Santander the Botin’s outlined their expectation that arrears in Spain had peaked and they expected matters and prices to improve this year. The rather optimistic view is at odds with what is happening to other banks and their view of the market. It is difficult to see how […]


Spanish mortgages market update June 2011

Place in the Sun update A Place in the Sun reports today that sales for Spanish properties in April fell to their lowest level since the crisis began. Sales were 32% down year on year and 25% lower than March this year. Whilst most agents are reporting higher sales to the non resident market the […]


Spanish mortgages lender updates

Barclays Post the ECB base rate increase and the continuing upward trend of Euribor rates with little relief in site for the cost of the funds for Spanish Banks Barclays recently increased margins above Euribors to a minimum of 1.75% on their variable rate. The three year fixed rate rose to 4.25% and the full […]


Finally some good news for Spanish Banks!

Finally some good news for Spanish Banks! Yesterday it was announced the recently announced (Forbes Magazine)  richest man in the world Carlos Slim has bought into La Caixa. La Caixa should be one of the first savings bank to fully list and this endorsement will undoubtedly help the listing process and encourage other investor to […]


Property Auctions In Spain

Whilst many companies advertise the buying of property in Spain via auctions none of these web based advertisements are actually official auctions where Spanish repossessed property can be bought. The official auction process in Spain is a very different process to those being touted on the web. When a property is going through a repossession […]