New lending facilities in Spain

Financially complex buyers For many years Banks in Spain have struggled to meet the needs of the financially complex  mortgage applicants. This is particularly true for those who reside in countries where it is possible to have tax mitigation products which are not available in the Spanish system and therefore are not understood by the […]


Mortgage activity in Spain

June loan data in Spain Junes Spanish mortgage data continued in general, the move on from Mays reporting. Whilst the increases were not so high in June both numbers of and capital lent for the purpose of buying a home showed a year on year and month on month increase. Average loan amounts edged up […]


Loan levels in Spain recover in May

May Mortgages in Spain Mays Spanish mortgage figures made much better reading than those of April which had suggested a significant slowdown in new lending. Across the board residential lending rose both year on year and month on month. The number of new mortgages in Spain saw an increase of 37.1% above the figures for […]


Mortgages in Spain monthly statistics

  April Mortgages in Spain Aprils Mortgages in Spain completion figures showed a marked drop from both the same month of the previous year and the month of March 2016. In total the number of new loans constituted and registered at land registry within the month fell by 11.4% when compared with April of 2016. […]


March mortgage data in Spain.

  Spanish mortgages grow in March Data issued this month by both the Notary offices who take there figures from signed loans and the INE who take their figures from registered loans both showed an increase in home lending in Spain for the month. Year on year the number of loans for the purchase of […]


Number of Spanish loans drop in February

February registered lending data Spanish lending in February saw a drop from January in terms of numbers of loans made for the purpose of buying a home but an increase of capital lent due to a higher average loan size. The average loan amount rose by 2.7% from January of 2017 and by 7.1% over […]


Positive start in 2017 for loans in Spain

First month for 2017 lending data. Beginning of the year for Mortgages in Spain started positively according to the land registry data published by the INE a few days ago. For loans taken to buy a house the numbers of new credits totaled 27.240 up by 16.9% on January of 2016. The average loan amount […]


2016 overview mortgage market in Spain

Month of December December figures for the banks in Spain bring to a close the performance of loans in Spain for the year of 2016. December itself showed a drop in completed loans from November but an increase on the same month of the previous year. Total number of Spanish mortgages for buying of homes, […]