Mortgage brokers in Spain

Why use a broker for arranging a loan When looking to obtain a property loan in a foreign country it can be a good idea to appoint on your behalf an experienced and professional advice company. A good adviser can ensure you understand the idiosyncrasies of the market and that you have access to the best possible […]


Spanish news. Positive signs for September 2014 lending.

September Completions For another consecutive month the amount of loans contracted by borrowers in Spain, during the month of September, increased again. This is now the 4th month that lending for dwellings has shown an increase after years of Spanish Banks reducing the loan levels and general low levels of activity for both home finance and […]


Numbers of new borrowers increase in August

Year on year lending activity. August loan completions increased in August both in numbers of and capital lent against the same month of the corresponding year. The average value of home finance in Spain also spiked, up 5.8% to € 102.430. Average loan sizes are now up on an inter-annual accumulated basis when looking at 2013. […]


Spanish Banks increase lending in July

Data issued today by the INE statistical office in Spain show a second month of year on year increases in numbers of Spanish Mortgages constituted. Completions for the month, when looking at number of loans for dwellings, was up 28% on the same month of the previous year the best monthly increase seen since the banking […]


Product availibilty and loan terms in Spain

The last few months have seen some movement both in terms of product availability and the terms and conditions for Spanish Mortgages. With property prices now being reported to be rising in Spain for the first time in years activity in Spain is at its highest for long time. After many years of Spanish Banks restricting, […]


Spanish Lending completions increase in June 2014

Spanish Hipotecas increase in June For the first time in many months Spanish loans showed an increase in June in comparison to the same month of the previous year. After years of the Banks in Spain reducing overall lending finally we have a month where more loans were constituted than the same month of the previous year. Whilst the […]


Mortgages in Spain half yearly update

Non resident and resident mortgage market performance in Spain, first half of 2014 Spanish Banks will have got to the half year end well behind on completion targets in both the resident and the non resident mortgage market. The residential property market remains depressed except in the area of non resident property purchases and net outflows […]


April mortgage completions in Spain

In a rather unexpected turn of events, given Spanish Banks have lending targets this year and are actively looking to lend, Aprils mortgage figures in Spain were down on the previous year. April mortgage statistics Overall lending in Spain dropped by 13.4% in comparison to the same month in April. The average loan size rose slightly […]