TINSA monthly house price report for Spain

Who are TINSA TINSA IS are one of the major valuation companies used by Spanish Banks when evaluating property in Spain for the purpose of a mortgage publish each month a report on average price per square meter. The report uses 2004 as a base and tracks the average price per meter square over the last […]


New fixed rate Spanish Mortgages released for June

Spanish Banks who traditionally offer Spanish mortgages on a variable trackers and complete on only a small percentage of fixed rates, may be about to buck the historical trend. Fixed rate mortgages in Spain have in the past been at much higher rates than the underlying variable and difficult to apply for. Issues with fixed rates […]


Spanish Banks report lower mortgage defaults

Last week saw a number if the major Spanish Banks report their first quarters figures. In general the numbers reported by the Spanish Banks showed a steady improvement both from the last quarter and on a year on year basis. Profits started to show some recovery and bad debts for mortgages look to have reached […]


February mortgage news for Spain

Mortgages in Spain for February 2014 The monthly mortgage data for mortgages in Spain was issued today by the statistical office for the month of February this year. Despite a general feel that on the property side things are starting to move with an increase in the number of people looking to buy in Spain, this […]


Changes to UK mortgages in line with Spain

Announced today are changes to the way UK Banks will assess affordability for borrowings. Moving away from only looking at gross multipliers of income UK Banks will now adopt a more focused view on overall affordability when assessing a mortgage application for financial approval. What are the key changes to risk assessment in UK Previously […]


Mortgage Market Indexes in Spain

Key Spanish Mortgage Data Monthly mortgage figures for January in Spain showed no respite in the overall decline in mortgages constituted in Spain. January’s figures will still be affected on a year on year basis by the fact an unusually high level of purchases and subsequent mortgages were constituted at the end of 2012 due […]