Changes to Spanish Mortgage regulation

New mortgage regulation in Spain On June the 16th 2019 new Spanish loan legislation is to be embedded in law in Spain. The new legislation is part of an ongoing EU directive to bring mortgages in Spain and all EU lending across member states into line and to improve the transparency and behaviours of mortgage lenders. […]


Home loans in Spain for March

  Numbers of signed Spanish mortgages Number of new Spanish loans constituted at land registry were 30.170 in March. This was an increase of 15.8% on the same month of last year and more or less the same level as the month of February this year down marginally by 1%. The March figures take the […]


secured lending data in Spain

February loans in Spain Details of new loan performance in Spain released this month showed February was a mixed bag of results. In general loan levels showed a decrease in numbers of and capital lent over the first month of the year but an increase when considering the same month of the previous year. The […]


January 2019 Spanish Loan data

  First month 2019 Mortgages in Spain January started well for Spanish Banks in terms of numbers of Spanish mortgages completed in January and capital lent. Whilst the average loan size saw a a sharp drop from the previous month and a small drop when compared to the same month of 2018 the large increase in […]


Spanish lending December and 2018 full year

  2018 improves over 2017 The average loan size for Spanish Mortgages dropped in December from € 130.7k in November to € 126.4k. The number of new loans signed also decreased at 20,933 minus 27.4% against the previous month. Capital lent was down 29.6%. When considering the figures against the same month of the previous […]


Mortgage deed tax affects loan completions

November Spanish mortgage data Loan levels in Spain during November saw an increase year on year for all elements including number of new loans, capital lent and average loan size. Against the month of October the mortgages in Spain were down and slightly more so than would be a normal natural trend.  One reason for […]


Spanish loans levels rise in October

Loan performance for October Octobers loans in Spain rose by 20.4% against the same month of the previous year. The average loan size was up 4.6% against October of 2017 but down slightly on the level of September 2018. In total 30.353 new Spanish mortgages were constituted in the month and the loan size average […]